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Meshelle M.—San Rafael, CA


I am an avid CrossFitter and a competitive Olympic Weightlifter so needless to say, there is always something ailing me. I visit Dr Kwait often and each time I get the same treatment which goes like this:

1— I call and make an appointment and am usually able to be seen within 24 hours, if not sooner (great news for me because it means i don’t have to miss a workout).

2— I arrive at his clean office and wait approximately 2 min before entering the exam room (he is always on time).

3— I get treated for my ailment and get instructions on how to tend to it to keep it safe and manageable (never have i been told that i would need 5 visits to “fix” it).

4—I leave the office feeling less pain (and or pain free) and not feeling like i just wasted my money!! Dr Kwait always listens to me and is able to pin point the troubled area and treat it in a kind and effective way. I never feel ripped off as I do when i have left other chiropractic offices. I have and will continue to recommend him to all my CrossFitting friends!

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